• IMPLEMENTATION - Start to use the programs as soon as you receive them. The objective is to get employees to USE the TWI Programs, not merely to deliver training in them.  In addition to the 10-hours of training, you will receive coaching (see below) and implementation consulting so that your employees can begin to use their training the week following the training. If you wish to have employees trained to deliver a 10-hour program, the 1:1 TTT option (see below) will result in having 40 employees receive the program with a maximum of four trained as coaches and one trained as a trainer. This can be done in two weeks of training time, which would span approximately six weeks.
  • EXPERIENCED TRAINER - Your trainer will be Don Dinero, a Lean Practitioner and Consultant who is a passionate student of TWI. That means he delivers the training not only with the information obtained from the manuals but also the deeper understanding obtained from studying papers obtained from the archives. Don not only teaches the principles of the TWI Programs, but he also uses them in his delivery and he is especially sensitive to the JI motto: "If the person hasn't learned, the instructor hasn't taught." Each person will have learned the skills by the conclusion of the training. He is the author of the Shingo Prize winning book, Training Within Industry – The Foundation of Lean. In addition, he has over 40 years of industrial experience, so he can relate to all activities of your organization. For recommendations, see Testimonials.
  • DELIVERY FOR TODAY'S ORGANIZATIONS - The TWI developers recognized that the Programs would have to change to meet the changing needs of future organizations.  Because Don restricts his practice to TWI and is a student of TWI he knows best how to apply the Programs to your organization, while maintaining the integrity of the initial precepts.  The basic principles are universal and should not be changed, but their application will vary from organization to organization.  Knowing what can and cannot be altered is information that is crucial to a successful implementation.  Many trainers merely deliver the material from the Trainer's Manual, which is necessary but not sufficient for success.
  • COACH TRAINING - "Coaching is the key to continuing use." Page 171, TWI Final Report. Coaching and the training of two participants to be coaches are included in the week’s training at no additional charge. In addition to the formal two-hour training session each day, participants are given the opportunity to be coached as they practice their skills. Also, two of those participants will receive additional coaching so that they will be in a position to coach the other participants after the formal training has concluded. This is important to assure that the program continues after the formal training is complete. The “J” Programs are all skill-based and thus they require practice once they have been learned. Without a coach to offer feedback during that practice, the quality of the Program delivery may slowly degrade.
  • CONSULTING - During the week of training, Don will help you determine the “administrative” aspects of the “J” Program, which would include who is to be trained, how often, filing and documentation of Job Breakdown Sheets, etc. Although the Programs are usually marketed for supervisors, the TWI Service found that others such as group leaders and senior operators also benefited from the programs. Since a main principle of Lean Thinking is to get everyone involved, today it is advantageous to have almost all employees receive the training.
  • TTT - Train The Trainer Programs are available as needed. In order to become a TWI Trainer, a candidate must have a deep understanding of the material, which takes significant study and practice. Don offers two formats: a 1:1 program (preferred) and a classic 40-hour program. The main reason the former is preferred is because of the principle of "Learn by Doing." After participation in a session, training as a coach and study, the candidate delivers the material to a live group under the observation of the Institute Conductor. The 40-hour group format entails practicing delivering the material to other candidates Don is classified as an Institute Conductor or Master Trainer so that, when requested, he can train selected employees to deliver any of the “J” programs. See Training Options for more details or contact Don via telephone or email.
  • CONVENIENCE – All training will be done at your facility, at any location. Don has delivered training across the USA and overseas. This is especially important for "Train the Trainer" since a Trainer Candidate gets a much better understanding and retention of the material when s/he is in their own facility dealing with their own people and products during the training. Specific questions concerning their facility, products, and people are more obvious and can be answered during the training week.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Don is flexible in scheduling both the training week and the training during the week. He recognizes that many organizations operate two, three or more shifts and will schedule the training at your convenience.
  • COST - Since TWI Learning Partnership has a low overhead, it can offer high quality training at base line prices.

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